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“You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs”

Despite all our best efforts, and we all put a lot of effort into our work, we all make mistakes. Mistakes that can cost us time, money and even reputations. Sometimes people get hurt. We come up with rules and procedures to minimize the chances of mistakes happening. We expect people to follow these rules and when they don’t we hold them accountable. This is how organisations exercise control.

However, sometimes we see that we miss the mark. Despite all the rules things still go wrong. Oftentimes, despite the rules things go right. We are so focused on the rules that we miss the point. We miss the fact that our world is dynamic and complex, whereas our rules may be static and simplistic. We miss that our people navigate this complexity because they need to deliver output, day in day out. So we realize that we need to learn from this reality so that we can deliver what really matters, and not just tick a check box.

Mind Affairs helps organisations to create a working culture that allows for learning. We help provide the conditions necessary so that people feel safe to and capable to deal with complexity and to make the decisions and highlight the real issues. Building teams where members keep each other focused and have each other’s backs. Enabling people to give and receive useful feedback. We make sure that incidents don’t end with a “rotten apple” but that responsible managers understand to dig further and keep an open mind for the needs of the organisation but also the team members. Understanding that what looks like a “human error” may in fact be a symptom of a systemic issue. By building a learning organisation with committed and engaged professionals we help to make your workplace future-proof.

Mind Affairs offers consulting and development projects catered to the specific needs of the client. Starting at any level in the organisation, with incident analysis, management coaching and development or communications training: together we determine the best path to building a learning culture in your organisation.