Deploy talent

Short, results-oriented coaching to help develop and actualize talent potential

Mind Affairs

Knowing one’s talents is the first step to effectively deploying them.

Attitudes and behavioral patterns can impede the effective deployment of (newly discovered) talent. Our coaching can help change these patterns, often rooted in the past, to more effective behavior. So as to best achieve the coaching goals, we deploy a variety of instruments in our coaching process. Whether solution-focused, appreciative or psychoanalytical, we employ the methodology suited for the task at hand so that we can arrive at behavioral changes suited to the individual’s goals.

Our coaching is preceded by an interview to determine whether the coach, individual and coaching goals are well matched. The presence of a good “click” between coach and individual is not trivial and is an important factor in the success of a coaching process. Once everyone is “mission go” a plan is made which, on average, results in five meetings with an industry senior coach. Our expert coaches have a wide range of experience coaching at a high level, they are highly trained experts and ensure that the focus is quickly placed on the important issues and provide opportunity for growth and change.