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What are a person’s talents?

Which talents is a person effectively employing? What are the hidden, undeployed talents? How can they be brought to the surface and allowed to grow the individuals potential? And what are areas that are far from one’s talents and thus should ideally be avoided or delegated to others? We focus not only on demonstrated behavior but also on innate talent, which lies beneath the conscious surface. Herein lies the power and uniqueness of our assessments: we offer an in-depth analysis of the individual, thus empowering a more thorough matching of functions and projects or career moves so they truly form an optimal fit to the individual and his or her specific talents. Furthermore, our approach hedges against mismatches of person and function but also against burn or bore- out.

Our assessments are typically expedited in a half day so that you can expect a swift and efficient service. Mind Affairs assessments are carried out by industry senior psychologists who conduct in-depth interviews about the stuff that really matters. Not only behavior but also ambition, drive and coping strategies are brought to light. Assessment reporting is to-the-point and provide concise and precise answers to the question(s) at hand in addition to valuable advice for further development of the individual.

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Is a person the right match for the job?


How can a person best develop in relation to the job?

Drives and ambitions:

What drives a person? What are tasks and functions that would suit him or her?