Discover the talent

Quickly identify talent that is the focus of our assessments

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Mind Affairs


Deploy talent

Short results-oriented coaching to help develop and actualize talent potential

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Mind Affairs

Team development

Connecting talent

Knowing and stimulating team talents

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Management Consulting

The learning organisation

Safe and effective working culture

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Mind Affairs

Enabling effective human capital in your organisation

By bringing to light the talent in your workforce, we enable the effective deployment in your organisation. With a focus on the individual development of excellence as well as the optimal team, individuals and organisations both benefit.

Our vision is better performance and satisfaction through effective use of talent.

Happy people are effective and productive. Actualizing one’s talents is good for everyone, and for the organisation.

Mind Affairs provides professionals, employers and employees support in the exploring and deploying of talent, with a focus of realizing the potential in everyone. Understanding and being aware of one’s talent makes the next step to success easier, the discovery and deployment of potential is the key to real and effective change.

Our four pillars:

Mind Affairs is a flexible company, utilizing diverse methods and tools. An independent partner for matters relating to human resources and organisational management. Working with a very active network of senior professionals with a background in psychology and/ or consultancy. Capable of providing sharp analysis and insight into the possibilities for development and effective deployment of your workforce and organisation. Your organisational needs always in focus.

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Our assessments and tests are available in a variety of languages. This means your international staff can perform in their mother-tongue to the overall benefit of the assessed talent and results.

Big ideas?

Mind Affairs has a large network of senior industry professionals and a variety of partners we work with on a regular basis. This means that if you have a big idea we can scale to ensure continuity and quality of service.